Pōhutukawa Ring Brazier


Sustainably upcycled

Handmade in Raglan

Bringing people together

Hand-Crafted & Made to Last

Pōhutukawa Ring Brazier

Our Pōhutukawa Braziers are made from light, durable, high quality steel; 100% recycled from drums that originally contained Raglan Food Co’s coconut cream. The ‘Pōhutukawa Ring Brazier’ design is a smaller, more compact option compared to our original ‘Pōhutukawa Log Brazier’, but still inspired by local pōhutukawa trees along the harbour here in Whāingaroa Raglan. Painted black with heat resistant paint. 🔥 Perfect for cosy evenings spent outside under the stars with friends & whānau! 🧡

Additional information

Weight8.2 kg
Dimensions59 × 59 × 35 cm

Upcycled Steel Drum


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