Made to Last

Pohutukawa Brazier

Sustainably upcycled

Handmade in Raglan

Bringing people together

Hand-Crafted & Made to Last

Sustainable Braziers

At Reforged, we turn ‘waste’ into beautiful, useful products. Our braziers are made out of steel drums that once transported coconut cream, (the main ingredient in Raglan Food Co’s plant-based yoghurt), and have now been given a second life – bringing people together around an outdoor fire to share warmth and conversation.

If it’s been Reforged, you know that it’s been hand-crafted and made to last.

Reimagining “Waste”

Our Ethos

We believe in a world where ‘waste’ is a thing of the past. Where discarded packaging, materials, and objects are reimagined and turned into things of beauty.

With craftsmanship and creativity, we bring you items that have proudly been Reforged.

We deliver New Zealand-wide!

Shop Our Braziers

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift, or an addition to your own backyard, Reforged braziers get 5 star reviews from our happy customers. Bring your friends & whānau together for an evening under the stars. Each brazier is custom-made from 100% recycled materials, right here in Whāingaroa, Raglan.

Stay tuned, more products to come.


Do you ship overseas?2021-10-22T12:36:21+13:00

No, due to the size & weight of our products we currently only ship within New Zealand.

How do I best store my brazier?2021-10-22T12:39:54+13:00

Moisture will cause rust over time, so it’s best to store it under cover after use.

Can I use my brazier on my wooden deck?2023-05-03T13:29:41+12:00

We advise against using your brazier on a wooden deck, as even with pavers/tiles placed underneath the bottom of the brazier will get very hot over time and may damage your deck, and sparks are a serious fire hazard.

How soon will my brazier arrive after I place my order?2021-10-22T12:40:28+13:00

We make to order and send out our shipments once a week. So allow 7-10 working days to receive it.

What are your braziers made from?2021-10-22T12:41:08+13:00

We make our braziers from steel drums that once contained coconut cream. Our products are made in partnership with Raglan Food Co as part of their on-going recycling initiatives.

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